Today’s job market is changing rapidly. Those who are well prepared for these changes have options. However, this required clarity over the personal career situation, knowledge of possibilities the market offers, and a clear development plan.

Evaluate Your Career is a 3-step method which advances you successfully in this process. Just like a navigation system, this method systematically rates all important influences in your career, and reports back to you in a clear presentation an overall picture which you can use in a consultation discussion for developing and implementing a solution.


It starts with a comprehensive assessment which rates your profile, your market chances, and your actual development activities. After answering all questions, you will promptly receive a detailed report.


You will discuss the extensive analysis of your professional path with your Evaluate Your Career coach, who will advise you on all dimensions of your assessment with a view toward finding solutions.

EvaluateYourCareer Framework © 2018

During your consultation discussion, you will work out your career priorities, along with all appropriate development action steps for the following 3 to 9 months. You will also determine what support you will need on your path.


Afterwards, you will implement your development plan and obtain the support of your Evaluate Your Career coach on selective points and from our best-practice-platform. After successful implementation of your career development steps, you may again take the assessment in order to remain on the ball in your career.


After extensively dealing with the career questionnaire and answering the questions, you will receive a comprehensive Evaluate Your Career Report.

Assessment Questions:


It contains:

  • Identification of your career type
  • Analysis of your situation compared to the market (benchmarking)
    Recommendations on what subjects you need to work on. Relevant
  • Coaching questions will support you.



During our test phase you may take the EvaluateYourCareer © online test assessment free of charge.

You will need approximately 15 minutes to complete the assessment.

You will receive your personal assessment report via email. We can provide one report for each email address.

We would be pleased to receive your responses.

  • What value has the assessment provided you?
  • What could we improve?
  • Where and how should this assessment best be used?

Please send your responses to:


Your EvaluateYourCareer Team

About Us

This is a start-up project of André Vögtlin & Partner AG. We are a “boutique” management consulting organization with many years of experience in the important subjects of Human Resource Management. We support organization in their search and selection of management and professional specialists in all of Switzerland and neighbouring countries.

For our individual clients we offer a platform for reflection for professional and personal changes, as well as support for successful job search and professional development. Additionally, we are collaborating with other management consultants in order to solve the many questions of their clients regarding organizational Human Resource Management.